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Al Khafajy Trading Establishment, Oil & Gas team has developed over 300 Conversion, Modification and Update products for gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, and pumps in order to offer tailored solutions that address customers' needs across Oil & Gas applications. We also have a broad portfolio of environmental and safety solutions to reduce emissions and improve safety, thereby enhancing the performance and profitability of customers' facilities. The resulting benefits are increased performance and improved economics achieved through:

Gain in output and efficiency
Increased intervals between inspections
Reduced maintenance costs
Compliance with regulations

A brief list of our Oil & Gas Equipments range is presented here under:
♦  Actuators and Pipe Hangers ♦  Automation Systems ♦  Ball Valves ♦  Batteries ♦  Burner Assemblies ♦  Catalytic Heaters ♦  Check Valves ♦  Chemical Injection Systems ♦  Chemicals ♦  Closures ♦  Communications ♦  Electronic Controls ♦  Filters ♦  Flow Meters ♦  Forged Steel Fittings ♦  Globe Stop, Gate and Plug Valves ♦  Instrumentation ♦  Laboratory Instruments ♦  Measurement Equipment ♦  Pipeline Products ♦  Pneumatic Operators and Piloted Controls ♦  Pressure Gauges ♦  Relief and Rupture Devices ♦  Safety Supplies ♦  Sanitary Supplies ♦  Sealant Sight Glass and Components


We provide Diesel Generators for getting on site reliable power in variety of ratings within certified norms of air/sound pollution, open & closed type generators, complete pre-sale and post-sales support. Ratings available are from 10KVA to 300KVA; with Perkins UK and Cummins Engines & also Kholer. We also have high ratings available with other optional fuels available.

Kohler provides an extensive range of quality GenSet products for standby, prime power, peak shaving & interruptible rate applications. As a leading manufacturer of integrated power systems, Kohler Generators provides for any size application- residential units to multi-genset industrial installations. Kohler also provides immediate solutions for power shortages, utility outages or special events.

¦ Spare Parts ¦

Replacement Parts for Steam Turbines
Packing Rings ¦   Valves ¦   Bushings - Thrust + DU ¦   Spill Strips ¦   Retaining Bands ¦   Springs ¦   Hydraulic Cylinders ¦   Valve Parts ¦   Quill & Cam Shafts ¦   Pilot Valve Assembly ¦   Discs ¦   Studs ¦   Nuts ¦   Bolts ¦   Screws ¦   Rivets ¦   Thermocouples ¦   Alignment Hardware ¦   Seal Rings ¦   Oil Deflectors ¦   Sleeves ¦   Carbon Brushes ¦   Hydrogen Seal Rings ¦   Stems ¦   Bearings ¦   Lugs ¦   Caulking Strips ¦   Solenoids ¦   Impellers ¦   Piston Rings ¦   Retainers ¦   Spray Nozzles ¦   Gaskets & O Rings ¦   Lock Plates ¦   Fuses ¦   Seats ¦   Pins ¦   Washers ¦   Atmospheric Diaphragms ¦   Collars ¦   Caps ¦   Crossheads ¦   Keys ¦   Shims ¦  

Replacement Parts for Gas Turbines
Turbine Blades/Vanes ¦   Ring Segments ¦   Compressor Rotor/Stator ¦   Combustion ¦   Bearings ¦   Fuel System Components ¦   Deflectors and Seals ¦   Ignitors, Transformers, Lea ¦   Hardware